My Normal School Life ~Week 3

On a normal day of school I would wake up get dressed, pack my usual  lunch; a sandwich, a juice box, fruit and whatever else we have for snacks in the house. If I have extra time in the morning I usually watch TV obviously Adventure Time or since I’m a nerd, Dr. Who. After that I hop into the  car and my mom drives me to school with my little brother. When I get to school at 8:10 I eat breakfast in breakfast club. My schools starts at 8:30. We have 3 recesses per day. Usually we play soccer, or other sports during  recesses, but sometimes I’m involved in clubs which take place at recess. At the end of the school day I ride the bus home from school and do my homework if I have any then I read or do chores and watch more TV. I have a variety of different foods for supper. Unfortunately in Canada we don’t have tea time although I do love to drink tea.

CanadianCuisineSubsetCanadian foods


Hello, this is my first post to you and as you my have already guessed my blog is  about Adventure Time. In the time I’m with you I will be posting  fun Adventure Time games, videos, pictures, and quotes, etc. Adventure Time is about a 13 year old boy named Finn and a 23 year old dog named Jake. The two friend encounter many strange adventures in the land of Ooo. If you haven’t already watched Adventure Time before I would strongly advise to do so because this show has many good stories  that teach valuable  lessons  such as not to be rude or selfish. the 50 different episodes of Adventure Time will keep you entertained and wanting for more. I got into Adventure Time about a year ago and when I heard  I was getting a blog I knew that Adventure Time would be the most mathematical thing to  blog about. If you have already watched Adventure Time before please comment your favourite character below. Goodbye and keep a look out for my daily posts.

“I’m an adventurer fo’ life” ~Jake

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